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Sião Petróleo has founded in Brazil  in 1995. Both companies are privately held limited liability companies. Our headquarters are located in Espirito Santo, Brazil. Together the Sião Petróleo is involved in nearly 16 countries and counting.

Sião has conquered a distinct reputation for having a complete A-Z Heavy Oil Solutions portfolio as well as being a Sand Control and Thermal Insulation specialist. Sião also provides end-to-end project management, engineering consultancy, onshore & offshore bespoke components design and manufacturing.

Sião was first in the world to utilize High Precision Lasers to make Sand Control solutions (this gives our Sand Control solutions higher resistance to collapse and greater design opportunities, made in any metal, shape and size).

This and many other engineering achievements have earned Columbia the reputation as an innovative company; aggressive in its passion to achieve outstanding results every time. Sião also has a history of thriving in problem solving or harsh well scenarios.


Mar 27

Year 2014

Sião Petróleo – start innovative research in partnership with other institutions.

Mar 27

Year 2013

Sião goes international – First International office in Dubai

Mar 27

Year 2012

Sião builds 2 tanks with 3.360 m3 capacity each in Maranhão – Brazil

Feb 28

Year 2011

Sião start production of polyurethane based products for offshore operations – including DPR insulation and Clamps.

Feb 27

Year 2010

Sião is responsible for a major fluid plant in a turn key project

Jan 27

Year 2008

Sião awarded to produce umbilical reels, skids, mixing tanks and equipment in general for a major oil and gas player

Jan 21

Year 2004

After 2 years of research Sião starts its commercial manufacturing plant of Insulated Tubings

Jan 20

Year 2002

Sião starts supplying oil and gas bespoke equipments for other states in Brazil

Dec 23

Year 2000

Slotted Liner Production Line – Opening Ceremony

Nov 23

Year 1999

1st Slotted Liner sample – setting up the machine parameters

Sep 23

Year 1997

Founder Marcos with his family.

Sep 21

Year 1996

Courtyard of the 1st Sião Factory (founded as Columbia tecnologia).

Aug 21

year 1995

Our first employee.


Our headquarters are located in Brazil, Espirito Santo. Together, the Sião Petróleo maintains satellite offices in nearly 16 countries.


Fundão Filial – Brazil


Serra Headquarters – Brazil


Serra Filial – Brazil