Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement:

To provide innovative solutions and manufacture bespoke components specialised in Sand Control and Heavy Oil Recovery to oil and gas services companies.

Vision Statement:

To become the world’s leader in creating solutions and outstanding products that will boost oil recovery rates to record breaking levels. To prolong the life of the oil wells around the world for decades, by making heavy oil recovery more financially sustainable for oil & gas operators, but to also achieve it in the greenest possible way.

Core Values:


“We like to be different”: To strive in being an innovative company, devising solutions, products and services that will lead the industry.


“How we do it”: We are proud to be hard workers. We believe that great results come to those who work hard and put all their efforts in achieving their goals. It has been like this since our foundation and is what makes our history special. Over time we have learned how to work hard in an intelligent way, paving and planning the road to the future. We invest in our R&D, machinery, technology, but most importantly, we invest in passionate people. Our people are the biggest assets of our company and we foster and value their immense efforts. This culture is our fuel, which has earned us our great accomplishments and respect.


“Looking at the bigger picture”: Our aim is to create products, devise solutions and offer services which are a sustainable for the long haul. We want to offer the world the possibility to preserve its natural resources by utilizing it in a more efficient way. As much as we pride ourselves as being an innovative company creating outstanding products, we are equality committed to ensuring that the operations and results of those activities and our products achieve the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability, allowing us to be a positive influence on our ecosystem.


“Our community matters”: We strive to improve the lives of all the people that we touch in every way, be it our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and our community. The respect and love for others is strongly embedded in our culture, especially those in need and as a proof of that we are dedicated to our commitment of reinvesting 7 per cent of our profits in community projects.


“Do what is right and do it correctly”: At Sião we strive to value integrity over profits, maintaining the highest levels of ethical behaviour in all our activities. We value our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and community and we make it our top priority to earn their trust and value. Choosing to act with respect, fairness and integrity is our philosophy and the backbone to our success. Since the inauguration of the company in 1995, we are proud to say that all our projects, public and private involvements have followed these core values.