Message to Stakeholders

Message to Stakeholders

Dear Fellow Stakeholders

This message is for all of our valued employees, clients, business partners, shareholders, suppliers, government regulators and communities.

During this exciting period of rapid expansion, we are undergoing operational, logistical, marketing and technical change – a change for the better!

Finally we are now ready and able to showcase our vast experience and products to the world, having timed our entry right and having it done in the right locations in a strategic and careful way. Our aim is to expand into 20+ countries over the next few years and to harness long-term lucrative contracts in as many of those as possible. This we are confident we can achieve given our thorough market analysis and carefully chosen partnerships around the world.

We do not want to be just another manufacturing or services provider for the Oil & Gas industry, but we want to lead in whatever we do. Ever since day 1, back in 1995, we have invented and lead the industry in laser sand control solutions, nanotechnology insulated tubing among many other product inventions and innovations. We want to bring to the world the capability to achieve the highest heavy oil recovery rates, in a green and sustainable fashion that not only drastically enhances the bottom line margin for Oil & Gas operators but also looks to save energy and utilise any non-toxic or flammable materials.

We hope to one day being amongst the world leaders in heavy oil enhanced recovery techniques and hope that the investments we are making into future technologies will get us there.

As a company we are also highly dedicated to achieving our philanthropic goals by always aiming to invest 7% of our profits into local community projects. For us this is one of the most rewarding aspects of our international expansion.

During such an important phase in our history, it is just as important that we stay committed to our ethical conduct and legal compliance. It is also imperative that we build upon our existing foundations in a sustainable fashion. Our company group feels excited but also adequately equipped to achieve our goals.

We thank you all for your co-operation and hard work thus far, and also wish to remind you to enjoy the ride along the way!
Yours Sincerely, Management Team.