Sand Control Solutions

Oil and gas reservoirs exist in all types of sand, wells drilled through unconsolidated rock formations that may collapse into the wellbore are often equipped with slotted liners, which are pipes having narrow slots cut axially in the wall of the pipe. Formation sand particles in a well stream can hinder production, causing major problems with flowlines and surface production equipment.

Knowledge of reservoir sand properties―such as particle characteristics, particle size distribution (PSD) and particle size uniformity—is central to the design of sand control completions.The choice of sand control solution, based on the reservoir PSD and other considerations, can have a major impact on the productivity and efficiency of a producing well.

Laser Sand Control Solutions (LSCS) – Slotted 1.0

Sião Petróleo, providing our patented sand control solution since 2000, was the first company in the world to use High Precision Lasers to make sand control components that can be used in Oil & Gas applications. Our sand control technology is called High Precision Laser Sand Control (LSCS).

Our high precision lasers are managed with total quality management software tools that ensure the highest performance. Why High precision lasers? Because:

– It maintains the resistance to collapse. Key for deeper or higher pressure wells. The laser Sião Petróleo uses makes the slits into the liner pipe with minimal friction and alteration to the tubes original resistance properties.

– Choices of metal are far greater. Our high precision lasers can cut into any metal, whether it be W80, L80, Super Duplex, Inconel 625, Super Cr13, CRA 28. Having a higher grade of metal helps combat high levels of H2S and harsh well environments that cause corrosion and erosion.

– Our high precision lasers are more accurate and can make slits of any shape and size. We  manufacture Perforated linkers, slotted liners, and similar products at widths of as little as 0.1mm. This gives our clients greater option on how to configure their open flow area and percentage.

– Cuts are also cleaner, slicker and smoother allowing for greater durability in its shape and performance.

Sand/Oil/Water/Gas Control Solutions – Slotted 2.0

In process for recovering oil, gas and other minerals from wells, it is often desirable to control fluid flow rate into or out of a well in selected intervals along the wellbore. In flooding process for recovery of oil, for example, the injected fluid often channels through moer permeable zones and begins flowing into a producing will prematurely.

Imagine a sand control solution that could also give you control of where water and/or gas is producing.

Sand/Oil/Water/Gas Control Solutions – Slotted 2.0 is a high precision Laser cut slotted liner, sand control solution that also has water and gas detection systems to identify and control water and gas outbreaks or producers.

It does this with the use of tracers that are part of the sand control solution itself. These tracers have great properties and can last for 12-18 months dormant in the well. They only react when water or gas comes into contact. With this technology, there would be no need to separate or treat water/gas at surface level as you would be able to just produce oil instead of oil with water and gas all mixed together. This saves our oil & gas clients millions of dollars every year.