Consultancy Services

Throughout the years we have worked and managed several heavy oil operation projects using fully integrated project management techniques. Working with our consortium of sister and joint venture companies we have managed to turn previously unproductive wells into successful and long producing wells.

Our in-house computer simulations, developed from years of research and experience of working on hundreds of wells allow us to consult on and customize any EOR project and deliver better performance and savings for our clients.

Sião’s knowledge of different setups and technologies places us in a strong position to advise on heavy oil wells, whether they are new or existing.

Thermal Simulation Service

Pressure and heat losses in flows
Pressure and temperature profiles
Steam injection simulation
Database of tubings and pipings
Effect of insulated equipments
Complete field simulation

Steam Quality Sensor

Estimate the efficiency of steam injection operations by measuring the steam quality;
Measure the heat losses by quality instead of temperature;
Improve simulation results with sensors